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Honors College

Lower Division Courses

Honors College members must complete at least 3 hours of lower division coursework to earn an honors diploma, but typically take 9 semester hours. Lower division honors courses are offered in most subject areas and are designated with an “H” suffix, (e.g. POLS 1101H). Honors courses have a maximum enrollment of 18 students and are restricted to honors and high achieving students. Courses are taught through discourse rather than lectures and may have accompanying field trips and enrichment activities.

Scheduled Rotation

Lower division courses are offered on a rotating basis to enable students to fulfill their CORE curriculum requirements (Areas A-E) while meeting CSU Honors College requirements. Please note that the rotation is not guaranteed because of availability of honors faculty and some courses may be offered in addition to this rotation based upon the needs of the membership. The annual rotation is:

Fall Semesters Spring Semesters
Area C Humanities Area A (ENGL 1102H)
Area D Science Area B (COMM 1110H)
Area E Behavioral Science Area C Fine Arts
Area E World Cultures Area E US History (HIST 2111H/2112H)
  Area E American Government (POLS 1101H)

International Education & Servant Leadership Options

Honors College members also have the option of utilizing up to three hours of an International Education course, designated with the “I” suffix, (e.g. ANTH 1105I) or Servant Leadership coursework to fulfill the honors lower division requirements.