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Honors College

Honors Senior Project & Capstone Experience

During the final year of the CSU Honors College, members complete a capstone experience which includes a thesis or juried performance. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about their thesis topic during their junior year, and many times, students discover their topic while completing an Honors Contract.

Students are encouraged to enroll in HONS 4901 Honors Senior Project Proposal no later than one semester prior to their intended graduation. During the proposal process, you will work with a professor in your discipline and with the Dean of the Honors College to determine whether a thesis or an alternative to thesis is best suited to your senior project. The Senior Project Proposal course is a one credit hour course that is graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and may be taken the same semester as the two credit hour courses, HONS 4902 Thesis & Oral Defense or HONS 4912 Alternative to Thesis, depending upon the timing of the project's completion.

Note: All Biology Majors complete a separate process for their capstone experience as described on this website, “Thesis Process for Biology Majors”.