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Spring 2018 Alumni Updates

The Honors College has moved to Illges Hall, and we're on the third floor! We have spaces for studying and a room with computers. Come by anytime and check it out!

In our Honors 3000 Crucial Conversations course, students discussed some of today's controversial topics. Sophia Bartell, a student in the class, said, "The goal was to create an open atmosphere where we could express our views without fear of opposition. At first, our chats were a little stifled, but as the year went on, we eventually opened up to each other and created a more conversational atmosphere. In fact, our last few topics, the prison system and double standards began to flow into each other and on into the next day. We didn't have to choose a new topic. We just continued where we left off."

Sophia also mentioned that this course "provided a nice little relief from the typical college suffering, and I don't think I could've survived the semester without it."

Over spring break, some Honors students went to Washington, D.C. The trip was in conjunction with an Honors College Great Conversations course on Perspectives of Presidential Leadership. Through the trip, students learned to evaluate US presidents and the Presidency as an institution through the differing lenses of leadership studies, history, and collective memory. The ability to view monuments, portraits, and homes of presidents was complemented the course objectives nicely.

A particular highlight of the trip was the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of Georgia Congressional Representatives Sanford Bishop, Drew Ferguson, Karen Handel, and Barry A. Loudermilk. Below, there is a picture with Representative Drew Ferguson on the left and Representative Barry Loudermilk on the right. This photo was taken from the balcony of a congressional office building with the Capitol Building in the background. Students also enjoyed the time they had to pursue their own interests through exploring the various museums available in Washington.

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