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Welcome to the Thesis Library! You can view Senior Thesis projects to see what Honors students have done for their Thesis projects in the past.

During the final year of the CSU Honors College, members complete a capstone experience which includes a thesis or juried performance. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about their thesis topic during their junior year, and many times, students discover their topic while completing an Honors Contract.

Students are encouraged to enroll in HONS 4901 Honors Senior Project Proposal no later than one semester prior to their intended graduation. During the proposal process, you will work with a professor in your discipline and with the director of the Honors College to determine whether a thesis or an alternative to thesis is best suited to your senior project. The Senior Project Proposal course is a one credit hour course that is graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and may be taken the same semester as the two credit hour courses, HONS 4902 Thesis & Oral Defense or HONS 4912 Alternative to Thesis, depending upon the timing of the project's completion.

Note: All Biology Majors, English Majors in the Creative Writing Track, and Computer Science Majors in the Software and Games track will complete a separate process for their capstone experience as described at the bottom of the HONS 4912 Alternative to Thesis page.

If you have specific questions about completing a Thesis please do not hesitate to contact an Honors Advisor - they are available to help you through the process. You can email Ms. Laura Pate at, or schedule an appointment through EAB.


Name Major Thesis Title Thesis Mentor
Kimberly Apple B.S. Mathematics and Secondary Education Optimal Dependence And Dominiation-Type Arrangements In Graphs Associated With Regular And Semi Regular Polyhedra Dr. Eugen J. Ionascu
Bobbie Bannerman B.S. Psychology Cross-Generational Effects Of Workplace Spirituality On
Job And Life Satisfaction
Dr. Robin Snipes
Claire Belay B.S. Biology, Pre-Medical Effects Of Diabetes On Ovarian Cancer: Data Analysis And Modeling Study Dr. Monica Frazier
Jared Bies B.A. Chemistry, Biochemistry Correlation of Aqueous Solubility and Anti-Cancer Activity of Novel Triazolium and Imidazolium Salts Dr. Jonathan Meyers
Jonathan Burns B.M. Music Education, Choral Vowel Determination For Singers: An Educational Resource For Vocal Teachers And Students Dr. Michelle DeBruyn
Jocelyn Canedo B.S. Biology, Pre-Medical A Bronchiolitis Study: The Overuse of Bronchiolitis Therapies In Children Admitted Into The Hospital Dr. Kathleen Hughes
Camila Cardenas B.S. Chemistry, ACS Professional Track Antibiotic Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Synthetic Polyphenols on E. Coli Cells Dr. Jonathan Meyers
Abby Gibbons B.A. History Travel Texts into the East and West Dr. Ryan Lynch
Katherine Holbrook B.M. Music Education, Choral Accessibility of Visuals In The Music Classroom Focusing On Students With Disabilities, Students In Poverty And Culturally Diverse Students Dr. Michelle Herring-Folta
Alexander Jones B.A. English Language/Literature, Professional Writing Pick Me! Pick Me!: Using Aristotelian Rhetorical Persuasion & Advertising Appeals for Self-Promotion Dr. Eliot Rendleman
Haley Karabaz B.A. English –Creative Writing An Exploration of The Psyche In "Era Of Black" Prof. Carey Scott Wilkerson
Jane Mader B.A. History with Anthropology Minor The Positive Developments and Applications Of Geospatial Technologies In Archaeology On Fort Benning, Georgia Dr. Brad Huff
Manuel Parrachavez B.S. Computers Science, Software Systems Using Self-Organizing Maps For Computer Network Intrusion Detection Dr. Shamim Khan
Lyndsay Richardson B.M. Music Education –Choral Interdisciplinary Teaching in Middle School: Music as It Relates to the Academics Dr. Andrea Dawn Frazier
Maryah Thompson B.S. Psychology Black Sheep Effect on Juror Verdicts Dr. Brandt A. Smith
Karolyn Turner B.A. Art History Lesson Plans Integrating Art With Steam: Providing Students With Universal Education Experience Dr. Barbara Johnston


Name Major Thesis Title Thesis Mentor
Aliyah Anglin B.A. Communication-Integrated Media A Narrative in One Scene Prof. Chris Robinson
Amelia Barton B.S. Psychology Understanding the Relations Between Discipline, Dehumanization, and Violence Beliefs Dr. Diana Riser
Samantha Chase B.M. Music Education-Instrumental Finding Home: Creating a Video Game Soundtrack Dr. James Ogburn
Cailee Davis B.A. English Language/Literature-Literature Emphasis with History Minor Laurent Binet's HHhH: Historiographic Metafiction in Contemporary French Literature about World War II Prof. Scott Wilkerson, Dr. Sarah Bowman, and Dr. Mariko Izumi
Brandi Fine B.A. Biology The Effects of Alternative Sweeteners on Oral Pathogens Dr. Lauren King
Rachel Funk B.S. Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Language Arts/Social Studies Poetry in the Classroom: The Why and How of Teaching and Inspiring Students Through Poetry Dr. Erinn Bentley
Jessica Griggs B.A. Music with Audio Technology Minor The use of radio music as propaganda in Nazi Germany Dr. Kevin Whalen
Lauren Johnson B.S. Biology – Pre-Med The Involvement of Estrogen Receptors in Astrocyte Survival Dr. Kathleen Hughes
Emilee Leslie B.S. Health Science Exploration of the Impact of Childhood Obesity and the Correlation with Parents Dr. Andrée Martin
Anisha Patel B.S. Health Science with Biology Minor The Mental Health Assessment of Female Breast Cancer Survivors With and Without Support Groups Dr. Paula Walker King
Dakota Reyes B.S. Computer Science

Composition of Melody Utilizing an Evololutionary Algorithm

Dr. Alfredo Perez
Lauren Rosenblatt B.A. Music with Business Minor

Painted Faces & Printed Music: Women and music in the paintings of Bartolomeo Veneto and Sebastiano Florigerio

Dr. Andrée Martin
Shaunquelle Sapp B.S. Psychology

The Role of Religious & Spiritual Beliefs in Academic Success of College Students

Dr. Brandt Smith
Nicole Sikes B.S. Chemistry-ACS Professional Track

Interfacial Dynamics of Silica/P2VP Nanocomposites: Adsorption vs Grafting

Dr. D. Wade Holley
Charley Weaver B.A. Biology with Music Minor

The Effects of Musical Intervals from Consonant to Dissonant on the Neural Activity of Earthworms

Dr. Kathleen Hughes
Julianna Wells B.F.A. Art

Patterns of Existence: An Analysis of Personal Inspirations, Historical Influences, and Motivations

Prof. Orion Wertz and Dr. Barbara Johnston


Name Major Thesis Title Thesis Mentor
Austin Caughey B.S. Earth and Space Science - Astrophysics and Planetary Geology Rapid Orbit Refinement of Potential Near-Earth-Objects and Recovery of Nearly Lost Asteroids Dr. Andrew Puckett
Elizabeth Center B.S. Biology – Pre-Med Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Isolated from Playground Equipment Dr. Lauren King
Meredith Dayoub B.M. Music Education – Instrumental Music for Caroline: Including Students with Autism in the Elementary Music Classroom Dr. Michelle Herring
Francisco-Javier De Alba B.M. Music Performance - Instrumental Exploring the Life and Music of Percy Aldridge Grainger Through Transcription Dr. Lisa Oberlander
Jacob Dirkman B.S. Biology - Pre-Med Estrogen's Effects on Oxidative Stress Levels in Glial Cells Dr. Kathleen Hughes
Skye Geeslin B.S. Psychology with Business Minor Completing the Puzzle: Exploring Possible Antecedents to Rape Myth Acceptance Dr. Diana Riser
Colleen Gottfried B.A. History with Political Science Minor The Irish Republican Army Through Film, (1935-2014) Dr. Ilaria Scaglia
Kameron Griffin B.S. Chemistry Cellular Uptake of Polyphenols in a Bacterial Protein Expression System Dr. Jonathan Meyers
Victoria Hargrove B.M. Music Performance - Instrumental The Evolution of the Clarinet and Its Effect on Compositions Written for the Instrument Dr. Lisa Oberlander
Amanda Marshall B.S. Psychology Factors Contributing to Attitudes Towards Disciplinary Parenting Styles Dr. Diana Riser
Amelia Maxfield B.F.A. Theatre - Performance Oh, the Hypocrisy! Or, a Dramaturgical Analysis of Moliere's Tartuffe Dr. Becky Becker
Catherine North B.B.A. Marketing & Finance The Economics of Trust in Buyer-Seller Relationships: A Transaction Cost Perspective Dr. Edward O'Donnell & Dr. Laurence Marsh
Jeannie Patrick B.S. Earth & Space Science - Geology A Comparison of Hydraulic Sorting Techniques Useful for
Concentration of Zircon
Dr. Clinton Barineau
Shelby Rolling B.S. Health Science The Influence of Video Games Regarding Children with Autism Dr. Joy Thomas
Kenneth Joel Roop-Eckart B.S. Earth and Space Science - Geology Strain analysis across the margins of the Elkahatchee and Coley Creek plutons, Alabama eastern Blue Ridge: Implications for the Alexander City Fault Dr. David Schwimmer
Harrison Sharitt B.S. Mathematics - Statistics An Analysis of the Impact of the CSU Peer Leader Program on Student Performance in 2014-2015 Dr. Timothy Howard
Kevin Stanford B.A. History with Philosophy Minor English Responses to the Sieges of Rhodes and Malta: English Print and the Hospitallers Dr. Daniel Gullo
Micah Staples B.S. Biology – Pre-Med Screening for Pathogenic E. coli in the Chattahoochee River, Columbus, GA Dr. Lauren King
Jordan Walsh B.M. Music Performance – Instrumental with Audio Technology Minor Finding Meaning in Detachment: An Analysis of Kevin Volans' Asanga Dr. Paul Vaillancourt
Anna Watson B.S. Criminal Justice An Analysis of the Effects of the Social Disorganization Theory on Junveniles in Georgia Theresa Willey
Lauren Whitehurst B.S. Biology Determining the Effects of Herbivory on an Herbaceous Plant, American Bellflower (Campanulastrum Americanum L.) Dr. Kevin Burgess

Katie Winkles

B.S. Biology – Pre-Vet Impact of a Diesel Spill on Macroinvertebrate Communities in ponds in S.E. Alabama, USA Dr. Jeffrey Zuiderveen

Mark Yanoschik

B.A. Communication – Integrated Media A Rhetorical Approach to Greek Life Scandal Dr. Mariko Izumi


Name Major Thesis Title Thesis Mentor
Thomas Adams B.M. Music Education – Instrumental Patronage: The Renaissance and Today Dr. Andree Martin
Lindsey Baker B.M. Music Performance - Instrumental The Social and Cultural Changes that Affected the Music of Motown Records From 1959-1972 Dr. Kevin Whalen
Emily (Darci) Burdett B.S. Psychology with a Sociology Minor Perceptions of Humanity: College Students on Homelessness Dr. Diana Riser
Marlena Cameron B.A. History with Anthropology Minor Of Mammoths, Mastodons, Megalonyxes, And The Nation: Jefferson And The Question Of American Degeneracy, 1780-1812 Dr. Ilaria Scaglia
Telea Davis B.S. Special Education with a concentraion in Reading The Use of an iPad to Support Mathematics Instruction for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Dr. Mary Beth Hendricks
Laurie Dishman B.S. Early Childhood Education Educational Guide: Refugee Children's Storytelling across Curriculum Dr. Ekaterina Strekalova-Hughes
Michael Hamm B.S. Biology – Pre-Med    
Katherine Hinzman B.A. History and Art History The Sancity Of Womanhood': John Ruskin And The Medieval Madonna Dr. Claire McCoy
Charlotte Moody B.S. Theatre Education    
Rebecca Moody B.S. Secondary Education with a concentration in Biology    
Angelin Shajan B.S. Biology – Pre-Med with a Chemistry Minor The Effects Of Curcumin On The Expression Of P53 And Bcl-2 Oncoproteins On The Human Breast Carcinoma Cell Line Dr. Monica Frazier
Justin Skariah B.S. Biology – Pre-Med  The Loss of Methanol Utilization in Methylobacteria  Dr. John Davis
Jonathan Andrew Smith B.M. Music Education – Instrumental Breaking; Mending- A New Piece for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra Dr. Matthew McCabe
Kyle Summers B.A. Chemistry Biginelli Synthesis And Characterization Of Potentially Anti-proliferative Dihydropyrimidinone Thione Analogs Dr. Renat Khatmullin
Rubicelys Torres-Guzman B.S. Chemistry - Applied Track    
Shannon Wilson B.F.A Theatre Arts - Design & Technology Technical Direction for the Theatre Dr. Krystal Kennel


Name Major Thesis Title Thesis Mentor
Kayla Brown Communication - Communication Studies Track Unleashed From the Shackles: Modern Media's Portrayal of Mental Illness: United States of Tara Dr. William Edwards
Carla Burton B.S. Psychology Nicotine Abstinence and Relapse: Attention to Social versus Environmental Cues Dr. Rose Danek
Taylor Caldwell B.S. Nursing In Children and Elderly Patients, What are the Effects of General Anesthesia on Neurological Health Compared with Procedural Sedation? Sally Richter
Caroline Campbell B.S. Psychology Working it Out: Examining the Psychological Effects of Music and Exercise and Exploring the Theoretical Background of Health Behaviors Dr. Katherine White
Charles Duncan Cantrell B.A. Biology and Secondary Education Gauging Effectiveness of Pen-Based Computing for Collaborative Introductory Physics Problem-Solving Dr. Kimberly Shaw
Stephanie Earle B.A. Theatre Performance An In-Depth Analysis on the Progression of Contemporary Musical Theatre and the Influence of Each Generations Need for Advancement Dr. Brenda May Ito
Adesikemi (Sikemi) Ewedemi      
Keandra Ferguson B.S. Nursing Preventing and Treating Complications of Sickle Cell Disease in Pediatric Patients Lisa O'Steen
Ford Fourqurean B.M. Music Performance - Instrumental Claude Debussy: Harmonic Innovations in Historical and Musical Context Dr. Lisa Oberlander
Jordan Huffman B.S. Computer Science - Applied Computing Track An Investigation of Complex Systems in 16 Dimensions Dr. Rodrigo Obando
Tyler Krug B.M. Music Performance - Vocal Folk Influences of Aaron Copland and Britten Earl Coleman
Roshan Nedumpurath B.S. Computer Science - Applied Computing Track CMSVega: A Content Management System for the Layman Aurelia Smith
Donald Osborne   Detrital Sediment Analysis to Distinguish Multiple Provenance of the Eutaw Formation, Gulf-Atlantic Coastal Plain, Southeastern United States Dr. William Frazier
Michelle Pokopac B.F.A Theatre Arts Understanding Tupolski Dr. Lawrence McDonald
Melissa Rodgers B.S. Nursing An Analysis Of The Cause, Effect & Control Of Hyperlipidemia From A Nursing Perspective Dr. Latonya Santo
Brandon Smith B.M. Music Performance - Instrumental Deconstructing David Lang's The Anvil Chorus Paul Vaillancourt
Valerie Staples B.S. Biology – Pre-Med    
Samantha Worthy B.S. Biology Assessment of Heavy Metals in Lake Walter F. George in Georgia and Alabama