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Honors College

Honors College Requirements

All CSU Honors students must maintain active enrollment, participate in service projects, and complete coursework as described briefly below. For detailed expectations and policies, please refer to the current handbook at the link to the right.

Enrollment Requirements

Once admitted into the CSU Honors College, members must enroll in a minimum of nine semester hours per semester, maintain a 3.40 cumulative GPA, and show progress toward earning an honors diploma. Members with Honors Scholarships must enroll in a minimum of twelve semester hours per semester.

Service & Curriculum Vitae Requirements

One of the goals of the CSU Honors College is to foster leadership development and civic engagement. Therefore, all members of the CSU Honors College must complete 15 hours of service activities per year or serve as an elected officer in a campus or community organization. Members must also log their service hours through CSUinvolve.  In addition, members are also required to submit a curriculum vitae documenting their professional development. This is designed to help each member of the college to develop a well-rounded portfolio for graduate schools and careers.

Curricular Requirements

Students entering the Honors College prior to Fall 2014 should complete the curriculum outlined here.



ITDS 1779H Scholarship Across the Disciplines 2 Credit Hours
Lower Division Honors Courses 6-12* Credit Hours
Upper Division Honors Contracts 6-12* Credit Hours
HONS 3555 Great Conversations 3 Credit Hours
One of the following Senior Capstone sequences:
HONS 4901: Senior Project Proposal & HONS 4902: Thesis and Oral Defense
HONS 4901: Senior Project Proposal & HONS 4912: The Alternative to the Thesis
3 Credit Hours
HONS 3000: Honors Enrichment 3 Courses (0 Credit Hour)
HONS 3010: Global Perspectives
HONS 3020: Service Learning
1 Course (0 Credit Hour)

*All students must take a minimum of 18 credit hours of lower or upper division courses in addition to ITDS 1779H, HONS 3555, and the senior capstone sequence. Lower division courses offered at the honors level may be taken by students who have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, if space is available. All honors seminars are restricted to those admitted to the Honors College and are limited to 18 students.

**Students entering as freshmen are strongly encouraged to take 12 hours of lower division coursework to enable them to have more flexibility in their junior and senior years. All students may utilize up to three credit hours from Servant Leadership or International Education to satisfy the 21 hours of Honors Coursework.