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Honors College

Honors College Student Housing

Students selected to become a part of the Columbus State University Honors College will also have the opportunity to live in Honors Housing. In Honors Housing, students will have the opportunity to be a part of a diverse community that focuses on academic excellence, service, and social growth. The Honors College and the Department of Residential Life work collectively to create a meaningful experience to help students reach their academic and personal goals. Students will have the opportunity to take part in programs in other Living Experience Communities that are tailored to students' growth and development. 

To apply to Honors Housing, students must first complete the online housing application. To complete the housing application, visit Columbus State's Residence Life website, and select "My Housing Portal" on the sidebar. Once you are in the housing portal, you will be able to select the appropriate application under "Apply for Housing." Students choosing to take advantage of Honors Housing will need to indicate that preference on their housing application.


If selected to be a part of the Honors Housing, residents will have the following benefits:

  • Live alongside academically-minded students in an academically-focused environment
  • Enhance your personal and academic development
  • Gain a deeper connection with the Honors College and faculty
  • Participate in educational and social programming through other Living Experience Communities to develop a broadened social outlook.

Housing Options

Those students who are selected to become part of Honors Housing will have the following options for housing:

  • Columbus Hall, Fifth Floor, RiverPark Campus


The following are requirements that new and returning Honors students will have in order to remain in the Honors Housing: