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Honors College

Faculty 5 Videos

Below are a collection of brief videos (typically 5 minutes in length) that provide faculty development for instructor teaching or mentoring honors students.

Honors Contracts

Introduction to Honors Contracts

A brief introduction to what contracts are and how they fit in the honors curriculum.

Length: 5:11

Ideas for Contracts

A video that discusses a variety of structures for contracts plus resources for designing contracts.

Length: 5:27

Contract Processing

An overview of how students propose and faculty approve contracts online.

Length: 5:55

Honors Core Courses

         Developing An Honors Core Course

                          An overview of how to develop an engaging and active-learning course for our Honors students

                          Length: 6:04

Undergraduate Research

Mentoring in Undergraduate Research

A slideshow presentation complete with music.

Length: 5:37

Mentoring in Undergraduate Research with voice-over Lecture

A slideshow presentation with a lecture overview completed by Dean Ticknor.

Length: 6:30